Emery Grace

Waiting for Emery

Excitement carried me up the stairs of my son’s home to the nursery. I stood in the doorway and took in every detail, carefully planned, lovingly placed. Soft pink, gold, and cream glowed in the shimmer of the accent wall. The beautifully draped crib nestled under the name – “Emery Grace.” A white, pink cushioned rocker waited quietly in the corner. I could feel the love and prayers in the room. I could sense the parents’ anticipation and yearning to have her in their arms, to hold her and love her through the coming months and years.  My gaze traveled over the shelves decked with sweet baby tokens then rested on the framed words “For this child I prayed.”  My eyes misted with joy. I am so thankful for this home, this love, the coming of this child, my grandchild. Something whispered in my spirit, “She’s already here.” And she is. I thought of her little self, sweet and snug in her mommy’s tummy, already hearing her mother’s heartbeat and voice. Already listening to the banter of her brothers. Already loving the steady voice of her father. Already feeling the love.

I blessed the room with my prayers and thanked God for His protection and Grace for the coming weeks and for a safe and healthy birth. I pray that our family grow in the blessing of this new little face and find strength and wisdom in our roles in her life. Waiting for her is hard but exciting – I can already feel her in my arms.

Let us be our best, I pray
For this child you send our way
May her eyes so sweet and bright
See in us things good and right
Bless her tiny hands we hold
With love and kindness pure as gold
Help us guide her feet in love
And teach her wisdom from above
Most of all we pray her heart
Will feel our love right from the start
Lord let your Glory fill this place
and bless our precious Emery Grace

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  1. Carla I love your stories they are so uplifting in sometimes depressing days as I get notices of classmates falling ill with cancer, dementia or even worse, or even their death. You are always a bright spot. Thank you❤️

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