Found something good along the way
Headed to my dread today.
While sorting words I’d not yet heard
My ear was tilted by a bird.
I turned my head to find the sound
And there he floundered on the ground;
Bird looked at me,
And I at he.

Bird said “while I’m not skilled to fly
An unexpected wind came by.
I clung to straws and did my best
But I was scoured from my nest.”
His struggles lacked the crisp precision
Honed by wise and worn decisions;
I could not leave
Him there to grieve.

“Let me help.” I quietly asked
Then gently took him in my grasp.
Bird could not fight the howling wrath
That flung him squarely in my path.
I reached the nest that reigned above
Tucked Bird in and left my glove,
To keep him warm
and shield from harm.

I turned to face again my dread
But found I pondered Bird instead.
Did he fear wind before he saw;
Before it flung him from his straw?
Odds are, Bird fills the sky with song,
With faith that, should the wind blow strong,
There’ll always be
Something like me.

I want to be like Bird

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