My First Job

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In July of 1968, after my sophomore year in high school, my dad drove me and sat in the car while I talked to Mickey, the stout, perpetually smiling, quick stepping manager of the Dairy Queen on Denton Hwy. Mickey saw something in my chubby, frizzy haired, awkward self and gave me my first job.… Read More My First Job


Managing the Hunt

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The day after high-school graduation, I reported to work at 11 a.m. but it felt different. I had definitely outgrown the produce orders and the Chicken Brothers. I needed a plan. I had some scholarship money to North Texas State University and a job offer from the Dairy Queen in Denton. The owners of a… Read More Managing the Hunt


New Horizons

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The Star-Telegram was not at a loss for headlines in 1979. The world took notice as a clergy-inspired revolution in Iran swelled to anarchy putting millions in the streets and resulting in deadly stand-offs with the Iranian military. The Shah of Iran was overthrown and replaced by an Islamic Republic, thus destabilizing the alliance between… Read More New Horizons


The Way Things Were

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Parenthood changes everything. Budgets were reworked, closets were cleaned out, and all conversations led to “the baby.” I loved my constant companion reminding of what I should eat and that I should get up and take a walk around the block. I attacked my sales goals with even more determination because ads equaled money and… Read More The Way Things Were