Relics and Relocation

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The internet expanded from the status of a glorified encyclopedia to the magic one-stop source for almost everything. Amazon offered an alternative to mall and department store shopping and Craigslist became the place to buy or sell furniture and other household goods. Cars and even houses could be viewed with a few keystrokes and just… Read More Relics and Relocation


Home Again

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On Sept. 9, 2001, I accepted the job offer from the Fort Worth Star Telegram with a start date of Oct. 1. Two days later, I dropped Katherine off at school and went to McDonald’s drive-through for a routine breakfast stop. “A plane just flew into a building in New York” the young man told… Read More Home Again



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Domestic Engineering was not what I expected. Friends, family, and school knew that I “didn’t have anything to do all day,” therefore I was a target for errands, pet care, and school parent duties. For years I dreamed of a freezer neatly stacked with storage bags containing meals prepared days ahead of time, all boasting… Read More Blessings


Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

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The Year 2K problem, or “Y2K” as it was known, revolved around speculation of what would happen when software written with dates expressed using only two digits for the year rolled from 99 to 00, making the year 2000 indistinguishable from the year 1900. Most companies had plans in place to avoid disaster by implementing… Read More Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself


Madness and Memories

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By 1999, the world in general seemed to be spinning out of control. The year Jon and I married there was an attempt to bomb the World Trade Center. The Oklahoma Federal Building bombing happened while I was carrying Katherine. Throughout the decade, reports of terrorist attacks overseas escalated in frequency. Violence in the workplace… Read More Madness and Memories


Best of Both Worlds

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The work that Jon and I did for American Airlines pertained to Sabre, the reservation system owned by American but used by other travel entities. Jon’s contribution was of such significance that he received national recognition and became a target for headhunters hoping to lure him from American Airlines. One of these firms made him… Read More Best of Both Worlds


Dreams, Surprises, and Bifocals

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November and December of 1994 was a whirlwind of celebration and juggling work schedules. My mother-in-law enjoyed Thanksgiving with us and returned home, apparently a little warmer toward the “older woman with a bunch of kids” who snared her adored son. A particularly memorable day among this busy time was Sunday, December 10. I woke… Read More Dreams, Surprises, and Bifocals